The beauty experts of  LAVA Weddings are available to come to your location of choice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How far in advance should I book my hair and makeup services?            

We recommend booking your hair and makeup services 3 to 12 months in advance or after you have chosen your wedding dress.

How should I prepare for my trial and wedding day? 

We recommend having clean, dry, hair and clean, makeup-free skin prior to your both your trial and wedding day.

How long does each service take?

Your artist will arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to set up. Each service takes one hour for the bride and 40-45 minutes per service for each guest. 

Do you use faux lashes?    

 All makeup applications include faux lashes.

How do I decide if I should wear my hair up or down?

We recommend having photos of inspiration to present to your artist upon consultation. Always keep in mind you should feel like the most comfortable, beautiful version of yourself.

Will my hair and makeup stay all night?        

All experts from LAVA Weddings will provide a long-lasting wedding day look by providing the proper steps which include using only the finest luxury products on our brides-to-be.

Should I purchase clip-on extensions?

 Clip-on extensions are a great idea even if you have a lot of hair. Clip on extensions create a foundation for any style, allowing the style to stay in place. If your hair is the type that falls quickly either because you have very heavy hair or because it is fine, then clip-on extensions are a good choice.  If maintained well, your extensions can last for years!

Should the bride have her services first or last?                                         

The bride should have her beauty services performed last. When the photographer arrives they will be able to capture those final beauty steps.



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